November 03, 2012

Delicate Snowflake ~ Winter Hat for Females by Eternila

Download at Eternila's Stuff

Winter's Repose by Salvi

Download at One Practical Ghost

1950's Magazines by Frani Jo

Download at Simpering

New Hair, Eyes and Accessory by Kewai-Dou

Download at Kewai-Dou

New Living Set by xxinnine

Download at Daisy Sims 3

Designer Jewelry by CloudWalker Sims

Download at CloudWalker Sims

ButterflySims Hair 049 Retextures by Sarah

Download at Mechanic Plumbob

Other versions

Alex-m3_0901_hair for Females by Death

Download at XM Sims

No Halo Real Moon Default Replacement by Buhudain

Download at Abnormal SIM Simulation Center

Victorian Wraparound *CC Free* by iiNs0mNiiA

Download at Moar Sim Stuff

New Walls by Granny Zaza

Download at Sims 3 Models

Environment Lighting V1.2 by Buhudain

Download at Abnormal SIM Simulation Center

Facial Tissue by Sims Trunk

Download at Sims Trunk

Party Lights by Fanny

Download at Janas Creatives

Eva by Potentissimum

Download at Potentissimum

ButterflySims Hair 049 Dip Dye Version by Sarah

Download at Mechanic Plumbob

Other versions

*n-a-n-u*'s Boah Living

Download at The Sims Resource - Now free

Mods updated to 1.42 by Tremerion

True Blood Life Span:

Drink From Everyone Vampires:

Better Vampires:

Hardly Hungry:
Hardly Hungry Vampires_1.42 

Faster Transformation:
Faster Transformation_1.42 


Vampire Mood:
(in both mods Spark moodlets are gone)
(includes Stride of Pride walk)

Sleep Hormone:
Sleep Hormone 1.42 

Woohoo Motives:

Download at Tremerion's Crypt

Plaid Leggings by Ohsigh Sims

Download at Ohsigh Sims

Insane Makeup by Juba_0Oº

Download at SimMist

Einfach Simlisch: Ikea Dining by Simplified

Download at Simplified