November 02, 2013

Newsea Lotus In Snow Hair for Females


Maternity Enabled EA Clothes by Chisimi

Random Pattern Pack 01 by Peacemaker ic

Castiel's Trench Coat by Rayne

Skysims 157 Hair for Females

Simple Sweater for Males by Mrzombiesims

Arabian Tiles Patterns by Devirose

Project Landslide (Script Mod) by Consort

This little tool is a text-only cheatcode to modify the sliders of entire populations of Sims in your town. Since it's a boring and time-consuming task to take each individual townie into CAS, why not do it Cycl0n3 Sw0rd style via command line - Quick and easy like compiling a Linux kernel.

Supports all custom sliders
Typing long commands in the cheat console makes you look totally 1337


How does this work?

Download & install the mod like any other mod.
Open the cheat console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+c
Type your slider command.
(As a first test I would suggest you list the weight of all Sims by typing slider weight list)

The output will be displayed in the top right corner as a notification (those under the tab with the letter symbol)

Read more and download

Dot's Color Drop Patterns

Stylist Kitchen Appliances by Souris

Dirty Lumber World by Cink

Cat Eye Sunglasses by Sunny

Iconic Filipina Superhero DARNA Superhero Outfit by Simmingly Fun

Halloween Accessories by Neka-Mew

Leopard Patterns by Simmycrystal

Qunari horns by Kima Melon

The legend of Sherwood Forest - Robin & Marion by Severinka

Snappy Necklace by Clio

Vincent Inkazerus by SkyFallSims

Honaker Cottage by Christine