February 15, 2011

F-IN01 TS3 female default skin replacement MTS v2 by Navetsea

Tomislaw's Kali Necklace inspired by John Hardy

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XCAS core mod: more tattoo locations, edit naked outfit, and more by CmarNYC

What it is:

XCAS is a CORE mod. It is not compatible with any other core mod, like AwesomeMod or Extended Game Core. However, there are some packages included that can be used without the core mod component.

What it does:

Core mod packages--

-- Adds many more tattoo locations
-- Teens can have tattoos
-- Optionally, you can edit the naked outfit in the dresser "Plan Outfit" game function
-- Increases the number of facial sliders the game can use from 20 to 60
-- Optionally, increases the facial slider range by 2 times or 4 times

'Extras' packages that can be used with or without the core mod--

-- Optionally, expands the skin tone picker panel
-- Optionally, increases the body slider range by 2 times. (Fat/thin, fit, and breast size)
-- A package that enables a few base game accessories for the naked outfit
-- A package that lets you tattoo naked (With the sim naked, not you. :D)

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"I Heart You" - Valentine Lipstick for Female Sims by Elexis

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Blender 2.5 TS3 Tools by cmomoney

This script includes a set of tools for creating objects for TS3:

* Import/export - import/export MLOD and MODL files(.s3asc)
* EZ Bake - bake multiplier images with just a few clicks
* Image Loader - apply images to objects and get and idea how they will look in-game(including alphas)
* Fix Seams - fix unsightly seams created when splitting vertices/edges(aligns vertex normals)
* Make Glass - automagically give a group a glass material with one click(Blender viewing only)
* Hide Bones - hide/show the bones in an object with one click

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

KC480 - 2BR 1BA and KC633 - 1BR 1BA by athenashavoc

Download at Mod The Sims

Sylvan Springs by Poppy

Download at Poppy Sims

New Patterns by Annett

Download at Annett's Colorful World Sims3

New Separates for Adult Females by Noxeen

Download at Turk Sims

Manzanares - New World by Ale_Sims3

Download at Ale_Sims3 Creations

Multi Colored Nails by Kawfeczka

Download at Sims 3 Fashion Blog


Download at The Sims Resource - Free

I Love You Necklace by Irink@a

Download at Irink@a

1960 Chevrolet Corvette by Fresh-Prince

Download at Fresh-Prince Creations