December 21, 2013

Eight Below. Men's Down Jacket + Hat by Olesmit

Snow Joggers by Pixicat

Moar Flowering! Set by Pocci

Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag by Thecnih

New Accessories, Clothing and Patterns by Shokoninio

New Posters by Ziva

Christmas Bedding Set by Granny Zaza

Little Bow Pumps by Simplicaz

Resources for Hidden Springs's various Fixes by ellacharmed

Another week, and yet another world fix. This week, I bring you fixes for Hidden Springs, the alpine-themed Store World.

 WARNING! The fixes won't be visible on pre-existing Saves, you have to start New Game based on the fixed world.

 What was done?
Yellow dots, lines and squiggles denote routing paint. Either for blank spots, disjointed routing splines or steep areas (shown in Red in the image below) where Sims & Pets have the potential to get stuck.

Blue dots denote intersections where the roads are either re-connected to the Intersection or an Intersection was added at the end of the roads in the rural areas.

From EA: Hidden Springs
From MATY: s3rc-win
Windows OS: Pescado's TS3 Recompressor
Mac OSX: if you know how to run linux programs in OSX, there's a *nix flavor in the same link above; else you need to install Mono and run it under an emulator. More information on the Sims 3 OSX subforum stickied thread - TS2/TS3 Tools and Utilities: Solutions for OS X users
From Simlogical: S3PE
Windows OS: latest version at
Mac OSX: the last non-.Net4 version s3pe_11-1216-1651. Please also read the OSX Tips thread linked above
From MTS: Jonha's Any Game Starter (optional)
From NRaas: Twallan's Porter (optional)
From my Google Share: Click to download the run.bat file. This file contains commands I simplified for you. This is not necessary if you already know how to recompressorize - just do what you normally do. If you decrapify your items, then you may need to decrapify this download, as well.
The fixed resources ie, this download

House 22 by étoile

Britney Spears by Lunararc

Jameson Nursery by Lola

Miley Cyrus & Kim Kardashian by Simstaplease

New Hair for Females by Death

Guardian Night by Pet'ka