May 16, 2014

Kids Backpacks, Hair, Clothing, Hats and Poses by Sincerelyasimblr

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Collared Winter Sweater and Cropped Sweats at AfterDuskSims

Mr.Crocodile & His Feet Paintings by Shannibobanni

Michael Kors Spring/Summer by Judie

AF Tops Page 10 - AF Bottoms page 8
AF Outfits page 11

Eyebrows by Wundersims

Garage Sale Set by Sandy

Bohemian Wedding Dress by BEO

Hair Accessory by Mitarasi

Legacy Island 3 by Rflong7

Generation Wild Newsea/Sim-It-Up Hair Edited & Retextured

Cazy DeAngelo Retexture by Catlover800

Outdoor Lighting by Yarona

Eyes by Daggryning

Warning Signals by Massive Griefers

Sheffield Cottage by Christine