October 07, 2014

Cazy Blackbird Hair for Females

Vertu Aster by blakegriplingph

Base Game Compatible Panda Costume for Toddlers by Midnightbean

Geisha Sims Firefly Retexture by AfterDusk Sims

Butterflysims 136 Hair for Females


Kiddush Cup by UndermilkwoodSims

Jogging Track Marker by icarus_allsorts

This is a custom scripted marker object used for creating jogging tracks for your sims.Just place the markers at points along where you'd like your sims to jog on, and send them jogging along the designated track with a custom Go Jogging interaction by clicking on the ground or floor.

Denecklaced and Debeaded Clothing for Males & Females by Naiyasfury

Thanks Simsl3gacies

Decorative Plates and Pillows Set by BlueHopperSimming

Kijiko Shark Hair for Males

Eyes by Pyxis

Oktoberfest Girlandes by TrutjeSims

Alesso and Skysims Retexture by Levini

I Met A Werewolf Leggings by Everlasting Garden

Flower Headband by JenniSims

Old Photos by UndermilkwoodSims

Newsea Carrousel Hair for Females

Paintings by BlueHopperSimming