December 05, 2011

New Lots by MacTheKat

Download at Pink Rabbit

Sun Shore Starter

Green Cuteness Starter

Duo Starter

Equine Starter

Peggy December '11 Special Gift ~ Retextured and fixed for all ages by Anubis360

Download at Anubis Under The Sun

Other versions - Peggy - Marie Antoinette -

File names:

iPod Nano Watch by Fresh-Prince

Download at Fresh-Prince Creations

Floor, Tile and Ceiling - 27 Patterns by Sims in Spring

Download at Sims in Spring

Feel Free Tee for Females by JS

Download at JS Sims

Sweet Treats by Tinkle

Download at Black Pearl Sims

New Paintings by Missimis

Download at Missimis

Mini-Dress 03 by Sakura

Download at Sakura Sims

The Sims 3 Showtime Cover and Pictures

These pictures plus the cover were posted at ISims - Thanks, Sims3Cri:)

And SimPrograms posted what is supposed to be a leaked video of The Sims 4.

New Patterns by Jandi

Download at Jandi's Blog

Shorter EA End Tables by Louma

Download at Black Pearl Sims - Registration required

Bourgie Lamp Collection and Lluis Pons Paintings by Lfgomar

Download at My Sims Concept