October 11, 2013

IKEA: Odds & Ends by Sandy

New Hoodie for Males by Sakura

Dahlia Cabin by Farfallesims

Graphic Sweaters and Biker Skirts by Modish Kitten

Witcher Pendant by Severinka

Romantic T-Shirt by Defender

Esther by Wibs

YSstudio Hair 02 for Males

Real Eyes Contact Lenses/Default by niobe_cremisi

Villa Laurence by JarkaD

Glimmer Dust Blush by Margeh75

New Shoes by Altea127

Conic Fireplace by Wistaria

New Wallpaper by Devirose

Patterns by LaLunaRossa

Alesso Shine & Burn Retextures by ChazyBazzy

Wizard and Gandalf beards by necrodog