December 29, 2009

Detective Bureau by Armonia

Download at Garden Of Shadows

Thanks, anon:)

Vintage Rugs by Evelyn

Download at Garden Of Shadows

French Vacation Cottage by Moryrie

Download at Garden Of Shadows

Amelie Corner by Soulsim

Includes the chair, cushions, coffee table, cup, milk, sugar, candy basket, flower-deco table lamp and floor lamp

Download at Casas Cosas Sims - Registration required.

Shoes and Boots by Lili

These shoes and boots have been added for teens and the adult versions have been updated.

Download at Lili Sims

New Dining Set by 5npc

Download at 5npc Sims 3

New Top for Females by Poppy

Download for teen - elder at Poppy Sims

New Year House by Smokvica

Download at Sims 3 Home Sweet Home