July 24, 2014

47 rue de Malaga by Uriox

About the content warning

I contacted Google earlier about the new content warning and it was about some of the skins on this blog.  So I am supposed to remove any posts/pictures showing the entire body.  I guess even if they're blurred or pixelated.  I don't know about underwear but that's probably next and maybe even swimwear will be offensive not too long from now.  I realize that some posts only have pictures that show the bodies so I had to revert them to drafts for now.  I will republish them and replace the pictures with the picture below after I finish removing all of the offensive Sim body pictures.

Update - all done :)

Unhooked Jacket - 2 Styles by Peacemaker ic

Alesso Wine Hair for Females

End of the World - Cutout Leggings by Pickypikachu

Matte Maxis Match Skins by Svmblr

Futuristic Accessories for Males & Females by SimsStudio

Denecklaced! Default Replacement Clothing for Males & Females by Tamo

Explorer Harness by Kitt

Nightcrawler 14 Retextures by irKatty

Chanel July Clothing and Accessories Collection

Lipstick Jelly by Sintiklia

Grizzly Mountain Cabins - Resort and Prim Posy Coffeehouse by MySimRealty

Alesso Candle Retexture by Valeocattys

Concrete Walls (technically paintings) by Lis0

Gunslinger Girl Posepack by Ersel

Spiral Notepad by Fanny

Lipstick N1 by Luxy