December 13, 2013

Vintage Gatsby Dresses by Judie

AF Everyday 
pages 10 & 11

Large Gemstone Accessories by Lore

ung999's One Room Living - Bedroom

White Rose Manor by Blackbeauty583

Athem2310 Nero - Zauma Growl - Nightcrawler 07 & Newsea Abbie Retextures by Shock & Shame

Sell Me Candy Outfit by WhiteCrow

Yolartut Sims 2 Wall Conversions by Granny Zaza

Chikkadiisims Can’t Care Hair for Men

Lace and Drawstring Pajama Set With Bonus Shorts by NyGirl

Lipstick N29 by Tsminh_3

Tweety Pacifier by Quianna

Oasis Landing Suburb by Jack Wilson

Ivana Shoes by Altea127

Mid Century Art by D55 Studio

Christmas Accessories by YSstudio