August 14, 2013

Floating Zen Sushi Bar by Sims Tofu Studio

Double Pyramid Bracelets by Lore

Steam Locomotive HD Texture Pack by blennus

Provocation Dress by BEO

Sunbathing Fix by Inge

I sat with mouth hanging open as my resort guests settled down to sunbathe in the dark and in the pouring rain...   and immediately decided something must be done!

With this fix in your mods folder, Sims will only autonomously sunbathe when it's sunny and in the daytime (player-directed Relax Here remains available any time).  They will also get off their towels if the weather turns bad.

Fancy Oversized Clocks by Frani Jo

New Wallpaper by Granny Zaza

Skysims 136 Hair for Females

Subscriber only

Puma Pants for Males by ReMaron

Cottonwood Public Library by Martine

Hatti Paintings by Norbi

Three Piece Suit by Ajoecustom

Most Viewed - Round Corner for Federal Fence by Lisen801

New Hair Retextures by Poseidon

Olivia Tia Formal Dress by Oranossims

Enthralling Eyes -non default- by Vampire_aninyosaloh

Alice & Olivia Dress by Irida Sims

Maldivian Dream! Maldives Houses by Justin 58