October 26, 2012

Chocolatier Set by Sandy

Download at Around The Sims

Break Down ~ High waisted outfit with suspenders by Anubis360

Download at Anubis Under The Sun

Roberto Cavalli For Kids by Judie

Download at All About Style

CF Tops pages 1&2 - CF Bottoms page 1 - CF Everyday page 1 - Shoes & Accessories page 5

Wool Fabric Pattern Collection by Simlicious

Download at Simlicious

Cassandre's Petit Boudoir Converted by Petunia Mae

Download at Black Pearl Sims - Registration required

Joyful Girl's TS2 to TS3 Garland Lights

Download at Joyful Girl's Sims Stuff

Tuscan Wall Set by Mea

Download at OumaMea's Abode

Bonehilda Tuning Mod by BlindingEchoes

Like having a live in maid of bones? Hate some of her habits? Well, that’s all about to change. With this mod, you can stop of of Bonehilda’s more annoying tendencies. Such as, bothering the pets, bothering the babies/toddlers and standing around doing absolutely nothing.

Read more and download at BlindingEchoes

Corset Dress for Witches by Bukovka

Download at Bukovka Sims 3

Goddess Bed and Lamp by Abuk0

Download at Abuk0 Sims 3

S-Club Aruna Retextures by irKatty

Download at Paint Stroke

Other versions

Chelsea Office Set by Plus10dolansu

Download at Plus10dolansu

Joyful Girl's TS3 Fall Lanterns

Download at Joyful Girl's Sims Stuff