April 09, 2013

Showtime Clothes - Base Game Compatible by Frani721

Download at Simpering

New Wedding Dress, Glass Slippers and Accessories by Sasha J


17 Hello Kitty/Sanrio Lockers - Part 1 by Destroyed Simming

Download at Destroyed Simming

Store Mohawk Afro'd and Curled by Reckless-Sims

Download at Reckless-Sims

Thanks Kelekat :)

Maxim Loft Bedroom Set by Marcusims91

Download at MS91 Designs

Newsea Azure Sky Hair for Females

Download at Newsea Sims - Donation

The Oneder (Courtyard House) by Gelinabuilds

Download at Gelinabuilds

Play Ball MLB National League Jerseys + T-Shirts

Download at Bigbangsimory

Skysims Hair 101 Retexture by PhantasiaSims

Download at PhantasiaSims

Other versions

Illuminated Box 12 Images by D55 Studio

Download at D55Studio

House 13 by étoile

Download at The Sims 3 House

April House by SinKitty

Download at Garden of Shadows