September 24, 2009

Another Hair Added at Newsea - Free

OK, I thought this one might have been converted but I couldn't find it. I didn't do a thorough search...probably more of a quick browse, so one of you might know better. Anyway, it's for both genders - teen through elder. You can download this at Newsea.


File names:



  1. for some reason I feel like I've seen this before...

    oh well *downloads anyway*

  2. even though its got this all too familiar long haired bowl cut ive seen so many times in the game i dont think ive seen this version yet...

  3. Looks nice in previews, but not so much in CAS. Unless you like black streaks with your blond. (You cannot get rid of said streaks, even if every channel is set to white you will still get the streaks) .. also, there's a weird area on one side of the male face where the hair and head seem to separate a bit much.

    But the file size is small. If anyone cares.

    There's nicer similar styles. I recommend those over this.

  4. I have maybe 5 styles very similar to this, not getting it.

  5. The good thing about this hair is that it's actually for ALL ages, toddlers and up. But I have several similar and better looking hairs in my game already, it fits badly in front and looks weird in the back on toddlers and children. And the texture really is bad.

  6. if someone would retexture I might download this one to add to my collection of hairs that look exactly like this.