October 01, 2009

EA Store Update

I'm sure you got your email from The EA Store a little while ago. Anyway, these sets have been added along with a few more clothing items.

Steampunk: The Return - 325 points

During the age of lasers and steam-powered trains there were mechanical high-end personal ‘electronics’. Glory in the power of clockwork!

Harvest Bounty - Free

Decorate with the bounty of the harvest and celebrate the joys of autumn.

6 items are included in this set

Worldly Goodies - 100 points

Some people say you can't take it with you when you go but we say you definitely can bring it back with you from wherever you've traveled.

5 items are included in this set

Steampunk Savvy
- 1,000 points

Cut a dashing figure through space, time, and the probable with this collection of fashionable Steampunk outfits.

19 items are included in this set