October 01, 2009

EA Store Update

I'm sure you got your email from The EA Store a little while ago. Anyway, these sets have been added along with a few more clothing items.

Steampunk: The Return - 325 points

During the age of lasers and steam-powered trains there were mechanical high-end personal ‘electronics’. Glory in the power of clockwork!

Harvest Bounty - Free

Decorate with the bounty of the harvest and celebrate the joys of autumn.

6 items are included in this set

Worldly Goodies - 100 points

Some people say you can't take it with you when you go but we say you definitely can bring it back with you from wherever you've traveled.

5 items are included in this set

Steampunk Savvy
- 1,000 points

Cut a dashing figure through space, time, and the probable with this collection of fashionable Steampunk outfits.

19 items are included in this set


  1. Dammit, I like the clothing. D: -has no more Simpoints left- >___>

  2. i love the male clothing.. minus the one in the middle. and the little piece of paper with ink and a feather on the desk... bah i want it.. and the suitcases.. everthing else.. meh. i might actually have to go out and get a mastercard now... because we all know.. these sim money/credit cards are not sold in stores.

  3. Go to MATY and DL them.

  4. 1,000 points for clothing? Really EA? FUCK YOU!

  5. Wow, every single one of these items is fabulous. Somebody at EA did a great job.

    I wonder if they would do a pirate theme? Arrrrrr, lol

  6. I only like the long coat for men in that clothing group. EA has a terrible taste in terms of clothing and hair design

  7. Usually they do have terrible taste, I agree. But everything can be repatterned, and it's amazing how that can change the perception of style. What I hate is the way some dresses are sticking out like a foot away from the body.

    oh gawd EA hair is hidious, lol

  8. I love the women outfit (light one with shorts) I think with some pattern it could be pretty cool :D But the purple one do look pretty stupid.. >:(

  9. That pumpkin mouse is ADORABLE :)

    My new favorite object...

  10. I'm really loving the travel set. First EA store set I actually like.

  11. This "Steampunk' concept is stupid.

  12. I love this steampunk set.
    Its a shame the one at MATY gives me an error >.<

  13. Me too, anon...me too...

    Eagerly awaiting the kind MATY citizen who uploads one that works for me...

  14. :: { Awesome Set. Would love to get my hands on the Straight Shooter outfit, Carol's Tanktop and Gentleman First Outfit } ::

  15. hey can som1 tell me what patch is needed for these newer store objects like this...?

    pls answer