October 25, 2009

White Brick Stairs by Weate182

Download at The Sims Resource


  1. I am amazed at all the quality (and yes haters, I said quality) items coming out of TSR. MTS claims to be the biggest and best site around for CC yet they are seriously lacking, of late.

    Understandably, they can't *make* their members create/upload things but I find it incredibly strange TSR is shitting all over them in regards to TS3 content.

    These stairs are great.

  2. ^ If I didn't know better, I would say you were thomass under the cover of anonymous.

  3. You don't know better.

    My comment wasn't meant to be offensive or considered "trolling" (isn't Thomass a troll?). I was just stating my observations.

  4. I finally figured out who Thomass is lol. Took me a while.

    Sakaki, no I am not him, not that you probably would believe me anyhow :)