February 01, 2010

Sogam Island - UPDATED

Download at Epic's Blog


  1. Nice,I Love it <3

  2. O.O

    I love it! Too bad the patch kills my game...

  3. Wow, it does look nice in the pics!

    I can't find where to download on the page. This one is tough for me. :)

  4. ehhhhh i was about to ask to post up here

    since i am part of this Sogam island

    but hold on guys~!!!

    there are some few fix to make so hold on please~!!

  5. um Mister Mysims3blog

    can you put this post dowwn for a while?

    i'm asking as a staff of Sogamisland Project and there are quite few adjustment to make for the homepage and the World itself. I will give you the proper pamphlet and information about the world when everything is done.

    thank you~!!!

  6. ah i just finished the Enligsh version Pamphlet.

    here is the link with proper description ^-^


    hope you can fix it soon

  7. The download link is here, guys:


  8. I downloaded this and checked the package-files with Delphys dashboard tool. There is one corrupt file in there.

    Also had a couple duplicates but that maybe an error in the tool.

    So make sure to fix it before you use it or you will probably get blue lots.

  9. Hey I need a very big hope for is to help me see if I can make the neighborhood Riverwie the same architecture, ie make an exact copy of the virtual world is created to install the version of the tool is thank you please urgent ...