March 12, 2010

Maylin Conversions by Lit

Set includes: Sofa, hammock, hammock chair, chair, table, pillows, drums, cymbals (wall decoration), poultry (wall decoration).

Download at Lit Sims 3 Stuff


  1. Wastin away again in margaritaville
    Searching for my lost shaker of salt.... Looks like parrot-head paradise to me... Jin-Ah

  2. Nice! I want the drums and the hammocks!!

  3. Even though it's just a game, I don't enjoy having gravity defying chairs. Just looks... weird. Oh well, as I see above people seem to be enjoying this.

  4. Ah, but these chairs make sense. The bottoms are supported with rope that goes to the top of the chair, and the tops are supported by rope.

    I loved this set in Sims 2, especially having the drums in my musically inclined sims homes.

    *gives an applause*

  5. Yes, I do see that, but since they are on circular rings I still don't think those things would support. I would like to try and sit in that chair in real life ;) lol.

  6. *squeals* thanks for this!