June 03, 2010

Anto 51 Retextured by Robodl95

Download at Look it's a Plumbob over my Head

File name: RetextureofAnto51_Robodl95

Tum Tum's is here and Anubis' is here


  1. how many times does this hair have to be re textured?

  2. Um...no.

    I'm sorry but if you need practice retexturing hairs, please retexture something that HASN'T already been retextured by Anubis. Once Anubis retextures something, that's generally it unless Missbonbon comes along.

  3. Please read what I have to say

    "Anyways beginning us on the slur of retextures that I'll be posting is Anto 51 which was converted by Tumtum now I know what you'll all thinking "Now wait just one minute Anubis already did a retexture! why would you do another retexture using nearly the same textures!" Now I have two reasons. 1. I did this before he did his, now I know what you must be thinking now (and yes I'm psychic) "What are you babbling about now! He did his retexture weeks ago!!!" and again as I've said before, It takes forever to upload to MTS! Originally I uploaded this about 3 weeks ago having to make one set of corrections, well I sort of forgot to do them *cough* 2. There are slight differences, my hair is a little bit fuller and fluffier.

    That being said I know that I'll get a lot of hate but whatever I REALLY like this hair! It's very cute and I'm forcing a lot of my sims to wear it :P"

    I know that Anubis is god (I download all his hairs too!) But there are subtle differences, just wanted to get my version out there too

  4. And 1st anon it's only been retextured twice (including me) so I don't really know what you're talking about 0.o

  5. "how many times does this hair have to be re textured?"

    Go be an idiot somewhere else.

  6. You should make you sims more generic or something, cause my eyes are always drawn to their faces and not the hair. Just a suggestion.

  7. I honestly like how this retexture looks. It looks fuller, and the colors look nice as well. Keep practicing, and maybe make your own blog to post up retextures for everyone so we have them, instead of waiting 3 weeks for MTS?

  8. Go be an idiot somewhere else.

    ^^ Oh, come on. That's been a legitimate question in the TS3 fandom for months. Everyone has to just do retextures of everything, there's just no original hair out there like there should be, and if there is, it looks like complete shit.

    It WOULD be nice to see someone make an effort in this community, for once. And it would be nice if YOU could be an idiot somewhere else, preferably not within the community.

  9. This IS his own blog? I helped him with it. =) Looks good, Robo!

  10. Yes it is haha, I said I waited 3 weeks for MTS only to forget to post changes so it was rejected XD I'll still post on MTS but my own blog is easier and quicker

    And Jordy you can call me Rob :)