June 26, 2010

Extralasting Lipgloss by simseviyo

Download at The Sims Resource - Free


  1. that is a freaky sim

  2. :P Of course, something from TSR.. I always see this type of lipstick at TSR.. I don't give credit for something unoriginal, and something from TSR.

  3. that will look really good on her eyebrow there

  4. Why do people go on about TSR? I never understood that. I have plenty of great stuff from them and have no problems!

  5. LMFAO @ the eyebrow anon!!
    Exactly what i thought!
    This is nothing special.

  6. oh! Avon lipgloss

  7. Jewell, some in the community have actually researched TSR's business practices. That's why they "go on" about it.

    Looks like she's been sucking a shiny straw. The highlight is just all wonky.

  8. Agreed, I don't like the extreme shine :/ Also, "extralasting"? Sims gloss doesn't really wear off lmao.

  9. Ive had plenty of borked stuff from TSR and i practically never download from there unless its a must have!

    Oh and Jewell, have you ever heared of the girl doll dresses by Rebecah?
    Yea that came from TSR!

  10. **girl doll dressed

  11. Why do people go on about TSR?

    Take your pick from:
    Hacking MTS2 accounts
    DDOS attacks
    Attacks against GOS including filing false claims to their webhost
    Theft of free items (hello, Shakeshaft!)
    PayPal information sharing
    Petition hacking and info sharing
    etc, etc.

    This, my speshul snowflake Jewell, is why people go on about TSR. Get used to it.

  12. To add to uknortherner's post, they attack anyone's site that have talent and their stuff is free. If Thomass can't have you, then he (or one of his cronies) will fuck your site up! (peeves me off)Remember Reflexsimsforum, that had to leave and become BlackPearlSims. That was Thomass fault.

    Google "The Truth About TSR" or TSR with Coconut. People can get an eyeful there.

  13. the one who must not be namedJune 27, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    ^I just saw an article on that website I never realised that about TSR there are some nutters that run that site seriously no wonder nearly everyone wants that website closed down

  14. TSR is made of concentrated fail, i hate this site!