August 24, 2010

Batmobile of 1989 by xdarkshadowx

This was posted a while ago but it's not available at the other site anymore.  

Download at Mod The Sims


  1. Off topic sorry. Does anyone know if there is a way top stop the weight and muscle sliders from moving on there own? I hate how every time my Sim girl gos for a swim she comes out the water all muscular, like a bodybuilder. If there is a way please share with me. Thank you in advance.

    Also love the car downloading.

  2. i second this. my female sim looks super muscular because she went for a jog to lose weight. the muscular look is good on sime sims, but this one in particular makes me all DDDD:

  3. No way that I know of to stop it, sorry, but you can correct it with awesomemod, just say, setfatness simname -1 to 1, or setfitness simname 0 to 1. -1, and 0 will give you the thinnest, ;east muscular person possible. Use decimals for more specific amounts.

    As for the car, nice work, but I prefer the one in the last two movies. xP ... Also, wouldn't mind having the car that got wrecked in 'The Dark Knight' ... I really liked that car, and it was so sad when he saved that guy by using it as a roadblock.

    Then again, I thought the 'saddest' moment in TDK was when the batmobile was 'killed' ... so I'm... odd. xD

  4. It's so shiny and pretty!!!!! ahhhhhh

  5. Na na na na na na na na na Batman!!

  6. Браво, эта замечательная мысль придется как раз кстати