August 22, 2010

Free Content at T-Mobile

Head over to T-Mobile you can download some FREE content for your game!

Thanks, Anon:)

To download:

1. Go to the T-Mobile link above
2. Go to "Sims 3 Cool Music Pack" > Get Content
3. Select any of the items
4. Login using your account
5. Enter the code Get Connected
6. Click Unlock Content
7. Item will be in your Purchase History in your TS3 Store account


  1. Where do you find this code then??

  2. The code is "Get Connected" you dumbass!!!

  3. I uploaded them all here:

  4. I only wanted the 2 radios. I hate this wait 24 hours crap, but what can you do?

    I would download from aWT's link, but I want it in my download history at the official site, so I can get it, if I have to reinstall my game.

    Thanks aWT.

  5. Thanks so much, aWT. :)

  6. at least its free, i saw some one posted the link already but didnt give the full instructions so i copied and pasted the instructions given at, ive been doing this 3 days so far of downloading everything they are offering.