August 20, 2010

Street Decor Set #2 by Syren

Set includes: Street bench (fixed), a long decorative crate, exposed pipe, an old hydrant, a garden border piece, a sprinkler post, and a broken palette.

Download at The 13th Sim


  1. When we have the CAST system, making things dirty by default is kind of stupid. We can make them dirty with textures. Making them inherently dirty makes them less useful.

  2. ^ That doesn't always work. In case you've forgotten, CASt patterns repeat and can look very obvious and unrealistic. That's why I appreciate when some objects have a default grunge texture to them, it's more realistic. This same idea kind of applies to bedding and other objects as well, you can only pull off certain looks using the square repeating patterns in CASt. If we kept the mentality, "oh you can just change it in CASt, what's the point?" then we wouldn't have some of the lovely rugs we have been seeing lately, as well.

  3. Then they should at least do both.

    These are very useful objects, but that's completely thrown out the window when the creator goes "I'll make them in grunge versions and only grunge versions so they're useless to anyone but a select few who love grunge".

  4. Jesus christ, Shivar, shut up. It's not just a select few who love grunge, a LOT of people enjoy the realism it adds. Why is it okay for you to be rude to creators who make only grunge items, but not okay for anyone to be rude to the creators who don't make grunge items (and don't look right when edited in CAS). Stop being an idiot. Take what is presented or leave.