October 18, 2010

Disney Inspired Posters by Fashionista125

Download at Fashionista's Sim Adventures


  1. These are cute. Too bad they're not in Simlish.

  2. At least the simlish trolls haven't penetrated the cereal box comments a few posts up.

    Far more importantly, I LOVE these posters, wonderful mix of them too. Thanks for sharing, and thanks Joe for posting! I love this blog. :)

  3. So the creator should what...cut and paste Simlish onto these posters? I mean, you are not going to find things out there in Simlish unless they are completely custom made paintings and drawings. If you want those, draw them yourselves. It would require a lot of time and talent.

  4. Best not feed the simlish trolls.

    They'll give you herpes of the EYES. And soon enough, you'll only understand simlish! :(

  5. These are Wonderful Portia! Thanks for sharing with us!

    I soo agree with all of you except for 1st Anon!....You poeple that want everything in Simlish go do it yourselves...

  6. I'm glad she included the broad shot of all the images, because it looks like the first pic was taken in the dark...

    These are cute!