October 31, 2010

New Lots by KyriaT

Victorian House Anno 1887

Simtown Lutheran Cathedral


  1. lol like the sims are "real"?

  2. I agree with the second anon.

    It looks like they put alot of effort into it and it look fabulous. I'd really love to see the first anon attempt to create a more realistic version. Really it's probably not that easy to do, I'm postive if I tried it would look like absolute garbage.

  3. "fake as hell"

    Even as a nonsensical troll post, it brutally fails.

  4. Sorry but the colours are way too cartoonish.
    Sorry if i sounded rude in my first post but thats my opininon.
    Personally i use more natural colours.
    Thats all..

  5. I have to agree about the colors. Yes, a lot of work went into it. More natural colors would better showcase that work.

    It's nice, but the colors take away from the overall effect.