October 07, 2010

New Things at The Sims 3 Store

Transport to the Future

Take your Sims on an intense ride with these new futuristic modes of transportation. However, no speeding! The cops are sure to notice the wheels on these.

2 items are included in this set - 350 Points

Front Row Center Bedroom + Wretched Threads

This set is not for the weak or fashion phobic. With rockin’ clothing and furniture like this, the neighbors are bound to stare.

This set contains items from the following sets: - 1,600 Points

Glitter and Glam Bedroom

Your Sims deserve only the finest, but try and be gracious about it. No need to need scold if your water doesn’t have bubbles.

12 items are included in this set- 800 Points

Animals Abound Playground Bed + Bath

Stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination with this playful bedroom and bathroom furniture set. Who knows what wild ideas are tucked away in their little heads?

25 items are included in this set - 1, 150 Points

Kalliopi's Gifts

Angelic gifts from a mysterious Sim passing through town. May your Sims dream of angels!

2 items are included in this set - Free