November 11, 2010

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Late Night Plant Fix by Robodl95 - I love all of LN's objects, the problem was that 2/3 plants that EA gave us were categorized as misc. decor! Considering that 1) The misc. decor section is quite large and 2) They are very obviously plants! it just annoyed me so here ya go.

Pregnant Sims Can Use HotTubs! by Mimi52861 - I thought it rather silly that pregnant sims can go swimming in pools, yet were not allowed to use the new hot tubs in Late Night, so I whipped up this simple tuning mod. It allows pregnant sims to get in hot tubs (in bathing suits only) & use as normal sims can. It DOES NOT allow pregnant sims to skinny dip, anywhere.

Tiny Texture Replacers Combined by HystericalParoxysm - This is a combined version of all my currently-available tiny texture replacing mods. I have put all the resources into a single .package file, for increased performance (the more packages you have, the more lag you can get) and for ease of downloading.

Hot Coffee! - more beverages for your Sim's coffee machine by channTL - This mod adds hundreds (thousands?) more possible drink recipe combinations to the game's "hot beverage maker".