March 16, 2011

Hidden Skills Unhidden by gobot101

ElliotDX made a mod that unhides the hidden skills. It was a nice mod, but it's not been updated since before Late Night came out, so I made my own.

This mod will unhide all the hidden skills. This means you will see a progress bar over your sim's head like when they are gaining any other skill. They also will show up in you sim's skill journal. They don't have a real icon, but rather just a fading dot and when you check them in the skill journal, they will be labeled as "Hidden _____ Skill." You also won't receive a award certificate for mastering these skills.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims


  1. I'm assuming it says "dance" and not "darce" and that it's just the pic quality making it look like the latter.

  2. ^Not sure what you're talking about? The word looks pretty clearly like "dancing," at least in the one featured here on the blog.

  3. ^Never mind, I see it now. :)