March 03, 2011

Updated Simcredible Designs Patterns

All patterns were redone with the newest version of TSR workshop and now are fixed. They should work with any game version. If you have our older version patterns and they are not appearing in your games, please redownload them.

Download these and many more at Simcredible Designs


  1. It is nice that they updated their patterns to work, however, I just always ripped out patterns that didn't install as .sims3packs to packages anyway. That's how I got them to work. While I appreciate the update, I won't be redownloading.

  2. Same here. Didn't work and I really wanted the pattern, make it a .package file. Otherwise, it was deleted totally.

    TSRW, pfft!

  3. I'm getting pretty sick of things that "don't work." I think I'll avoid patterns in the future.