October 27, 2011

Mod to increase or decrease chances of getting a horse gnome by claudiasharon

My horses keep licking the salt lick and this produces more horse gnomes. I have over 5 of them and they keep getting in the way of the salt lick, water trough, box stall, you name it they will get in the horse's way. It's pretty annoying. So I created this mod to decrease the chance of getting a horse gnome, as I have another horse on the way and would really like to not have any more horse gnomes.

I also created one that increases the chances of getting horse gnomes, in the off chance nobody is swarmed with them.

EA values:
The minimum amount of time, in sim minutes, a horse must lick a salt lick in order to qualify for getting a horse gnome="80"
The base chance to get the gnome, after qualifying to get the gnome from licking the salt lick="0.05"
The number of sim minutes to lick the salt lick in order to increase the chance of getting a gnome="20"
The amount to increment the chance each time ="0.02"

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

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