October 15, 2011

New Lots by MacKat

Download at Pink Rabbit

Recycling Center

Sunset Valley Public School

Sunset Valley Medical Clinic

Box Art Gallery

Sunset Valley Small Police Station


  1. Yay, can really use this for a small world I was editing. Going to download after I get Pets. Need to wait on editing until I see what to add. Thanks again Mac!

  2. Are these rabbit holes already or do we need to add rugs or doors etc????

  3. As it says in all the posts, you need to add the doors/rugs your self. They disappear when you place them from the library so it is kind of pointless to include them. But I have made sure that the door size fit the relevant door.

    B - great to hear that you find some of them useful! Let me know if they give you any trouble.

  4. There are also various styles to choose from. Rather than opting for plain and simple you can choose bright and colorful.