January 02, 2012

Hong Kong Penthouse by Zhaana

Download at Zhaana's Blog


  1. As much as I adore the way this looks, I've noticed (with this lot and many that I see people share in general) that there are some possible route failure issues the creators don't mention. Which really makes me wonder if these lots are play tested. I do understand the concept of making a lot/apartment for the aesthetics of it. This *IS* gorgeous. I'm just not sure it's entirely playable. And, again, I've had this problem with other gorgeous lots too. I think the real problem falls on the Sims, because in reality a person would EASILY be able to sit on that couch even though it's underneath the stairs. But a Sim will throw a hissy fit, I think.

    HOWEVER, DOWNLOADERS: I think maybe you can switch the positioning of the TV and the couch and that might fix the route failure? I'm not sure, and to be honest I don't feel like downloading a buttload of TSR CC to find out, either. XD; Just a suggestion. (And yes, I am also mentioning this on the creator's blog so she can test and try to fix if she wants, too.)

  2. Well I've answered to that question on my blog, but I'll answer here for others.

    So I can tell it has been played and tested of course and the sofas work for sims only, but not pets. ;)

  3. This is beautiful Zhanna, thank you. I really hope to see more creations from you.