March 29, 2012

J089 Compass Hair for Males & Females

Download at Newsea Sims - Donation

All Ages

Thanks, Maari:)

Hair Accessory - Free


  1. Looks a lot like Newsea's Gypsy.. :/

  2. I like it better WITH the accessory ON, and DEF NOT on the males. Passing.

  3. Looks like a beach bum/surfer on males xD

  4. While I do like a good bit of hair on my male Sims, I find this one awkward.

    Still, I like the hairstyle for females. Especially with the headband.

  5. Total Deja Vu. Not liking it sadly.

    Joe finally got tired of anonymous commentators huh?

  6. "Looks like a beach bum/surfer on males"

    Only if the beach bums you know use looooots of hairspray.

    It looks really nice with the accessory, but kind of odd without it. I don't care for it on males much, but I know people who would. The one it looks *really* weird on in toddlers, IMO. I'm all for all-age hairstyles, but I don't think I could ever justify putting this on a toddler.

  7. Looks ok from the front but I don't particularly care for the side and back views. It reminds me of an older NewSea hair which I also didn't like for the same reasons (although I can't recall the name of that hair at the moment).

    I would use it, but only with the accessory and definitely not on my male sims.