July 01, 2012

Converse Sneakers by Bobby

Site is down try


  1. I like them but I'm not about to register to another random site I'm never going to visit again only so they can inflate their member numbers. I get way too many random emails from other forums and sites I registered for just to grab one download and I don't need any more. I really wish sites would quit doing this.

  2. That's exactly how I feel, if I HAVE to register it ain't meant to be.

  3. I'm registered to Tish. She never sends me emails :)

  4. if "My Sims 3 Blog" wishes to host or have a section for my creation without the need to be redirected to another site ,,,Their administration is welcome to contact me personally.

    Tish as permission to host all my creation and i sometime make meshes on her request because we have been Best Of Friends for many years ,
    Too many sites are closing left and right ATM for me to have a home for my non-adult creation ,so they are basically just sitting in my clouds ...
    I'd like to personally apologize to everyone for this inconvenience but my responsibility as a Moderator on 2 Sims sites is keeping me busy enough ,
    that's why Tish does all the hard public work for me

  5. can someone post them on mediafire the site is down

  6. really sucks that i can't get these:(

  7. I don't get where the download botton is..?