July 03, 2012

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Tail Thickness Slider for Pets by PharaohHound - Give your pets those thick, lustrous tails they've always desired!

TS2 -> TS3 Neighborhood Themes *Testers Wanted* by SIMul8rReviews - 4 TS2 Themes for your TS3 Neighborhood!

Everyone Work From Home by MDM - All sims can work from home, not only workaholics!

Motorcycle Parking Spaces by CyberBob78

Teens Tattoo'd - Teens Can Now Tattoo Themselves In-game by Sgloomi - Teens can use the automated chair and day spa to tattoo themselves.

Pets Ranch Paintings [Missing Presets] by HugeLunatic - What it does This mod enables missing images for presets from several Pets paintings, Small Animals, ...A Fool From Any

TS2 -> TS3 Loading Screen Themes *Testers Wanted* by SIMul8rReviews - Choose from 9 different flavors of TS2 Loading Screen Themes! (Base Game Compatible!)

Fix for the Normalmaps on Horizontal Timbered Wall SET by Havelock - A fix for the Timber Walls to match each other