August 12, 2012

UPDATED Puss 'N Heels by Daluved1

Download at Dally's World or Mod The Sims


  1. Sexy, sexy shoes. I'm hoping this is the beginning of an epic set by three extremely talented creators. *waits patiently*

  2. @ pandersoneel: three?
    Daluved1 is just one person. Unless you mean Ace Creators, but that is a collab of four creators (anubis, juliana, daluved1 and elexis). But this is done just by daluved herself.

  3. @ candesco Puss N' Heels is a mod team, like the Merrye Makers (of which Daluved1 is also a member). SeeMyu hinted in the comment thread that this is the first download in a set. Look again.

  4. Yeah I was going to ask Joe to change the name to "I Wanna See Some Cash" which is the actual name of the shoe upload, but I didn't think it was that important to nag about.

    But yeah, Puss 'N Heels is a modgroup made up of me, Seemyu and spladoum. We have other things, they're just in the MTS queue right now. :)

  5. "You can't be a proper stripper without a good pair of platform heels."
    This is so TRUE. I'm gonna add this to my Book of Quotes, next to the "Your legs in fishnet stockings look like Grandma's ham".
    I love the heels. I love the previews. I love Daluved.

  6. And you need your white pumps too!