September 09, 2012

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Zombies Begone! by missyhissy - No more spawning Zombies every Full Moon!

Stop the Sparkles! No More Sparkling Vampires! *Updated 09/09/12* by missyhissy - No more sparkling vampires!

Cheaper/More Expensive/Free Butler (patch 1.38 compatible) by Zerbu - Don't want normal working-class and middle-class sims having their own butlers? or want to allow poor sims to have butlers?

More Expensive/Cheaper/Free Maid + No Inappropriate Maid by Zerbu - Don't want your sims who have barely upgraded their starter house being able to get a maid so easily?

Faster/Slower and/or Hidden Skills! (For SUPERNATURAL/1.38) by gesimz - Gain Skills more quickly/more slowly and/or unlock Hidden Skills for Supernatural/1.38.

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