October 01, 2012

Megan Fox by 17101991

Download at Mod The Sims


  1. her nose is so much more defined, it could be better

  2. It's funny how People from ModTheSims were thinking, that they are good in creating Celebrities.

    I have never ever seen such a unsexy Megan Fox in my Life.

    He maybe made the Face good, but the rest ~ No, thanks.

  3. WhiteCrow, of course, criticism is welcome, but i'll open you a secret: in sims 3 game "celebrity sims" should resemle as much as possible to real ones; It's very hard to manage it; besides other stuff like clothes, asseccories, hair you can eassily change, but not face's features. try to make celab yourself -& you'll see how it's very comlicated.

  4. You can tell by the comparison pic that the frontal facial features are very accurate (I can't speak for the profile). I think the real problem here is the skin. Whether that's an issue with the textures themselves or just the photographer's graphics card, I don't know, but the result looks greasy in some areas and flat-out dirty in others.

    I think it's an excellent sculpt, but the skin is not helping at all.

  5. She looks like a man in your creation :( very unsexy aswell