February 20, 2013

Most Viewed - Cherub Curly Hair (All Ages, Both Genders) by HystericalParoxysm

Download at Mod The Sims

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  1. This hair also looks really crappy in game, the curls are really ridged and don't move at all....the person "recreating" these styles really sucks at it compared to all the other sites out there.

  2. Anyone who has actually had hair like this in real life - tight, close cropped curls - knows they usually ARE rigid and don't move. That is pretty much the point of the style.

    It doesn't look crappy in game if you have a decent video card and select your hair color with care. Extreme lights and darks look bad on just about any hair mesh. Choosing "not quite black" with softer highlight colors (possibly in the dark blue spectrum) makes for a really lovely combination for this mesh.

    I think it's great that someone at least tried to do a more ethnic hair style. There are definitely not enough in the base game. I, personally, would love to see a shoulder length version of this hair, parted in the middle, but with nasty and completely unnecessary comments like yours... it's no wonder why no one has attempted it. Ungrateful putz.

    That said, thank you Hysterical Paroxysm. I *love* this hair.

  3. I actually like this hair. I was hoping for an updated version of this hair so I can add it back into my game. This hair looks so cute on toddlers. I like this waaaaaay more than the numerous of so called "toddler" hairs that are waaay too long or overly done that the toddlers look like dolls to me, instead of what a usual toddler looks like. So more of this please Hysterical. And I agree with the Anon before me on what they have mentioned.

  4. WARNING this download is broken! I was able to play my sims fine until I added these package files to my mods folder. The game would pause on the Sims 4 load screen. I tried everything, reinstalling etc. and read somewhere that mods can cause the game to malfunction. This hair was the only thing that i had installed in months. I deleted them and the game works! Its a shame because this hair is beautiful :(