March 30, 2013

SkySims Hair 099

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  1. these comments should be removed because they make no sence with the picture being shown. it is not disrespectful or rude to anyone . it is people like the commenters here who keep anyone from creating any hair that is creative or unique. if they want the same look for the hair styles over and oevr then they should go and enjoy what is out there, because quite alot of the styles are the same in style and ethnicness. i want to see styles from other cultures, or maybe just styles someone created from there own mind. you are sucking the life out of people and making them into drones. thank you.

    also, please dont swear, it disrespects the people who have to see it even if it is in inititals.

  2. I feel like I've seen almost this exact hair before, except minus the weird double-bangs.

    Skysims hair 069, anyone? Just me?

  3. It's very similar to the hair that tomislaw just made the other day, except his hair looks better IMO.