May 12, 2013

Kativip’s LS Walls/Floors Conversions by Faellu


  1. I really liked these, downloaded them and then spent all afternoon trying to unpack them and install them only to have them cause the game launcher to crash every time the download window got to your floors and/or walls. Now, I've been downloading CC for many, many years and I've never had an issue with anything else so I'm not quite sure what the problem is here. These ARE for Sims 3, aren't they? I did try to extract them with RAR, since that's the program that opened the files, and then I proceeded to click each one (yes, all 62 walls and 19 floors) individually to have the game install them. I went into the game and they weren't there. So then I copied the files and moved them directly into the downloads folder and tried to add them via the game launcher but as I said, when I would scroll down my list of downloads, it crashed every time one of yours appeared in the window. After that, I removed them all from the downloads folder, no crashes... then I put them in the mods/packages folder and tried once again to install them... more crashes.. removed and deleted the files off my PC... no crashes. Have been playing the game all night error free, but without your floors and windows.

    Was there something special required in order to use these? I've never encountered this sort of problem before. It's too bad, because I really liked them - they reminded me of Sims 2 walls.

  2. Oh really! Message me on Tumblr if you can and we'll see if I can help any. I personally install & use them through CC Magic as packages, so maybe try that if you can?

    I haven't had anyone else report this problem so I'm not sure either :/ Also, they all show up in the 1st category if that helps any.

  3. I don't use tumblr, or any social media sites for that matter. I would prefer it if they were .package files instead of sims3pack files because then I could just install them all at once and have no problems but when they are sims3pack, they can only be installed with the game launcher on my PC. I've never heard of CC Magic, is that a program? I have the Helper Monkey installed but it only seems to work with .packages.