June 29, 2013

New Careers at Mod The Sims

Medieval/Fantasy Foraging Career by feyerin - Enjoy the thrills and chills of picking stuff up and putting it in a basket? Then this is the career for you! The professional foragers of the realm scurry to-and-fro, stripping the land of resources, stooping and picking all day long! We won't talk about what they stoop to when drinking in the tavern; it's far too disgusting.

Medieval/Fantasy Butchering Career by feyerin - Hooray! The citizens of your medieval town can finally buy some decent bacon at Ye Olde Butcher Shop! The butcher's shop is a magical place of industrious slaughter and puerile humor where a Sim can earn a decent wage and play hide the salami. Want a cutting edge career where you will be responsible for the full bellies of all the hungry folk in the realm? Begin the journey to becoming a butcher!