June 11, 2013

New Mods by Allyourlittlesims

mirror tweaks
I enabled all the mirrors to be hidden when the walls are down AND to be shiftable because many of them are clipping with sinks. So you can adjust them to be a little higher on the wall.

cabinets hidden when walls down
I made more game objects to hide when the walls are down.

This time the kitchen cabinets from BASE, PET and LN. You will NEED the EPs if you want to download it as they are default replacements.

no death reaction/grouping
Another one of my personal mods that I’ve been using for I don’t even know how long…

This will disable sims to gather around a dying sim and watching him die. So they won’t wake up and watch their family member or pet dying in the middle of the night.

freckles hider
Cuz I hate the Basegame freckles and I always use Vasilla’s, I made them hidden in CAS.

I don’t know what will happen if you don’t have custom freckles but I guess there will just be an empty category. But why would you even want the basegame ones hidden then, anyways

These and more at