July 13, 2013

Immortal Reward name change -> Daywalker by Tremerion

I used Stubble to make this one.
It changes name of Immortal/Supervampire Reward for Life Time Happiness points for Vampires.

I've changed two languages. English and Polish. Rest stays the same.
If you want you can write your language version in comments so I can update it.
Or write your ideas how it should be named.

Description: Your origins allows you to walk in the day light.

Chodzący za dnia dla mężczyzn i Chodząca za dnia dla kobiet.
Opis: Twoje pochodzenie pozwala ci poruszać się w świetle słonecznym.

I think Daywalker sounds more interesting then Immortal.
For ex. I am using twallan's NraasStoryProgression mod that already makes all Vampires immortal.
It also looks much better when you have Fairy-Vampire hybrid.

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