October 30, 2013

Updated Mods by Tremerion

Hi. Today I am finally giving you the version of the mod that some people were asking me for some time.
This new version will not only fill Thirst/Blood for Vampires but also Energy!

This is for Vampire Slower Thirst Decay mod.
When Vampire will "drink" from someone, he/she will get both Thirst and Energy bar full and also get Energized moodlet. This moodlet is filling Energy bar.
It will fill Energy bar each 3 sim hours,
when Thirst bar hit to Thirsty moodlet, Energized moodlet will turn off.
I am a fun of Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher's mods so I've made two versions of his mod and mine.
I've only edited Thirst section.
Use only one version!
E - is for Energized
D - Thirst will decay completly
ED -  both

VampireMood Spark
This version is bringing back Sparkly and PermaSpakrly moodlets.
If you wish to use Sun protection elixirs on your Vampires.
2 versions, with and without "Walks"

Planstim possibility 1.63
It was already updated to 1.63 with rest of the mods, but I forgot to upload it here :)