January 05, 2014

Ultimate Careers (Version 4.3) by Zerbu

The end of career rabbitholes is here! With Ultimate Careers, instead of going into a rabbithole to work, Sims will spend the work day at a community lot, doing work-related interactions - or slacking off. The mod scans the Sim's interaction queue, and increases performance depending on which interactions are being used.

You can assign a career to a lot by clicking on that lot, selecting "Zerbu" then "Ultimate Careers" then "Add Career or School", select the career or school you want, and select an existing rabbithole that contains that career or school. All Sims in the selected career/school who would normally be sent to that rabbithole to work will now be sent to the lot you assign it to. From there, performance will increase or decrease depending on which objects your Sims are using. Inactive Sims will be automatically pushed to use certain objects. The speed that performance increases also depends largely on metrics defined in the "Performance" area, such as mood and skills. All metrics are automatically supported, including career-specific ones.

The mod supports custom careers, and there is an option to choose which of the existing careers to base it on (which determines which objects increases performance, and which objects inactive Sims will be pushed to use).

A text file containing a list of supported objects for each career is included in the downloaded file.


At the current time, opportunities are not supported by the mod.

Lifetime Rewards

The mod is compatible with the work-related lifetime rewards.

Office Hero - Gives Sims a +20 moodlet, which also increases all social skills, while at work.

Vacationer - If a Sim has this lifetime reward, their career performance will not decrease when they're not on the career lot.

Entrepreneurial Mindset - Performance increase from work interactions will be higher than usual.

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