August 22, 2014

Car Dealership Career by Kawab

Twallan's Careers Mod is needed to use this career.

You only need the Base Game to use this career, but it will work with any Expansion and Stuff packs installed. It was made with patch level 1.63, though it should work with any patch level above or below this. This career is based in the Business and Journalism rabbithole. It's got 10 levels and involves Charisma and Handiness skills. It has no uniforms; feel free to add your own. There are no opportunities for this career.

This career won't overwrite any existing careers. Which means that when you click on the Business and Journalism rabbithole, you can join those careers and the Car Dealership.

Job Offer

Do you like cars? Do you have a knack for lies, deceit and treachery? Do you want to join the car sales market? Yes, yes and yes? Great! Just click this little tick!

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