August 05, 2014

More Realistic Dining For Sims by Wee Albet

Hello everyone! After going back to play on The Sims 2 for a while I realised that I prefer the way that Sims eat in that game. Full meals wouldn't completely satisfy hunger and it took a while for them to eat and they would chat. I missed this and decided to see if I could make this happen in The Sims 3. So, here we have my first two ever mods! The reason I wanted to make this mod was because I wanted Sims to be able to eat a main meal and have a dessert after it too.

There are two files contained within this mod and each one changes the way that Sims eat. It is perfectly fine to have one or both in your game at the same time. I'll discuss what each file does below.

Meals will give 100 points (1/2 Hunger Bar) EA Default - 200
Snacks will give 50 points (1/4 Hunger Bar) EA Default - 122
Drinks will give 25 points (1/8 Hunger Bar) EA Default - 122

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