August 18, 2014

Most Viewed - Peggy Hair 792 ~ Pooklet'd for all ages by Anubis360

Other versions - Peggy - Lotus
Thanks, Anon:)


  1. Wow, Anubis worked really fast on this! I was hoping for a re-texture of this, it needed some fixes. :)

  2. Are there usually any difference between Lotus and anubi's retexture? (just asking to know if it's all the same which one I download or not)

  3. ^When it's just a retexture, there are differences but not as much as when Anubis actually does a retexture and fix. If this were a hair of Peggy's or someone else that he had fixed, then yes, you should probably grab Anubis's since Lotus does not do conversions and the only way to fix Peggy's hair is to reconvert the mesh. When Anubis fixes a hair, he gets rid of Peggy's problems such as bad transparency gaps, hairs moving with the eye sliders, bad animation, etc.

    With just a retexture, it doesn't matter as much.

  4. doesn't lotus use anubis' fixed meshes and do a retexture on it? I remember reading this on her site

  5. I think Anubis EA version has a bit more shine to it which I prefer. I don't use the shiny version so I wouldn't know any difference there. Anyway I like them both.

    Thank you, Anubis!